Egides is a consulting and business services company. Its objective is to improve your economic performance.

Our philosophy is to become an innovative, studies and specific tools builder support to your company.

Our atypical resolution methods encourages us to use it in most of our services, modeling tools highlighted by the artificial intelligence development. The using democratization of these machine learning tools is part of our motivation.

You can consult the various achievements of Egides available on this site.


Egides works beside you to improve the performance of your company following these 4 directions:

  • control of your energy consumption;
  • reducing your time production (process);
  • insert artificial intelligence tools into your activities;
  • innovative project development and funding research.

Performance monitoring system deployments, project management assistance (works or software solution) as well as specific training.

Do not hesitate to talk with our technical teams to discuss these opportunities!

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