The modeling of behavior carried out by the construction of machine learning (or brain) on digital information, is today a way on which modern research has most improved. This break in the way of modeling the reality has been mainly built by the provision of varied data in very large quantities.

Indeed, every activity using quasi-free infrastructures of the largest information network (internet) generates data. The digitization of this information firstly made it possible to carry out trend studies by the global processing of information stored in databases. Then the oncoming of machine learning made it possible to treat each information as a single entity, allowing us to understand the behavior of a mass from attributes of the constituent entities.

Use your data storage

All businesses amass numerical information. They can come from their internet activities, their professional software or their communication tools (telephone, mails, ...).

Artificial intelligence tools are developed when we have successfully modeled behaviors based on features (datas). Once trained, these behaviors (or model),  can predict several kinds of information:

  • numerical values ​​(price, quantity ...);
  • strings of characters (words, sentences ...);
  • categories (sex, professional, social class ...).

This modeling is also called machine learning, because the model is built (learns) on data coming continuously.

These tools, once automated, help you to deal with a large number of requests. They can guide your referee or automatically realize the associated answer.

Egides makes specific tools to help your business use the full potential of your data.

To know the possible applications of these tools in your company, you can consult the application examples page.

Exploiter vos données pour fiabiliser vos arbitrages Exploiter vos données pour fiabiliser vos arbitrages

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