We live in an incredible time, the information is abundant and free. There are techniques to scrap these data, organize them on a support easily searchable (spreadsheet, ...) and archive them in your databases.

Egides can do this work; give us an url address and we will recover its data to consolidate them on the most practical support for your activity.


Your buisness need to be feed by datas updated periodically on websites:

  • weather / economic indexes,
  • quotation market / price of a reference on a retail group,
  • number of users / likers,
  • news,
  • ...

Use this open data by automating the search and documentation of this information on the medium of your choice (database, spreadsheet, text file...)!

→ An example of a businiess application developed by Egides.



Do not hesitate to talk with our technical teams to discuss these opportunities!

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