Starts an energy control reflection can be motivated by several objectives:

  • Answer to ad hoc needs (Energy expense drift, regulation, must);
  • To control its energy addiction; reduce the cost of the taxes associated on energy using and the rise of the energy molecule price due to the exhaustion of its reserves;
  • Achieve a real estate or industrial investment project where the energy production have to reach a tight quantity and quality as well as an operating performance announced by the integrator.

Whatever the reasons, controlling its energy consumption generates direct gains (supply and distribution energy invoice) but also related costs (operational mastership, valuation of RSE approach, maintenance of utilities, etc.).

Egides offers several support solutions to help you to reduce your energy consumption:

  • Join a robust expense reduction approach through the achievement of an energy audit close with a ready-to-use action plan or by the deployment of an energy management system (ISO certified 50 001 or more specific to your activity);
  • Predict its energy consumption to negotiate an energy supply contract, control the cost of this expense item or set up a performance / verification monitoring system following energy efficiency works;
  • Realize an energy blueprint to document a three-year investment plan by assessing the energy utilities reliability and capacity, according to moving needs (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, chilled water, compressed air, cooling water, heating water. ..);
  • Provide assistance to technical problems about process exploitation or utilities.
Appel de puissance énergétique après la réalisation d'un plan de travaux rentable en efficacité énergétiqueAppel de puissance énergétique après la réalisation d'un plan de travaux rentable en efficacité énergétique

Do not hesitate to talk with our technical teams to discuss these opportunities!

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