You will find on this page a collection of EGIDES communication elements. If it permits you to find inspiration, we will have achieved our goal.

Why Egides name?

EGIDES (aegis in english) is a french acronyme for Exploitation of Data Elements. This word also means defensive equipment (shield) that can be used as an offensive weapon (myth of antique Greece).

Through our acronym and its literal meaning, you may begin to see the thread of our mission.

The main idea of ​​our business services company is to make you to use a dormant potential, your archived data to develop your business.

This generous support, the only one left to me, would serve me as an aegis and would be respected.

Voltaire, Sophon. III, 3




I am David Azria, the Egides's leader.

Since 2005, my experience has been built within major industrial groups (automotive construction, glass production and transformation for building, production and conservation of agricultural products, agro-food processing and large-scale distribution). Over the years, I developed skills in several topics (energy management, production management, development of innovative projects ...) that I used as a project leader, technical contributor or coach. 

You will find my references on my LinkedIn page.


What is our ambition?

Over the last fifteen years, I have often been surprised by our operating processes, favoring the preservation of a technical mastery, by reproducing the department methods, but reducing the huge potential for innovation and transversality of these companies.

Egides' ambition is to open these silos by proposing to build bridges between these services, to meet several needs combining several skills. Developing this type of support brings several services of the same structure closer. Sometimes, it can be a pretext that promotes chat in order to improve the overall running of the company.

The exploitation of the numerical data of an activity is an excellent example. Indeed, your different services archive or use data collected in their activities. Most of this information is reserved almost exclusively for the missions carried out by each of them. When these different departments find themselves around a transversal project, it is common to observe that several pieces of information are used by different departments of the company. This situation raises, for example, opportunities to simplify information transfer processes. These experiences also highlight the interdependence between your services, but also the universality of some informations that is an important part of the success of your activity.

Today, there are techniques, learning on all of your data to find correlations invisible to our cognitive skills. The exploitation of this memory of your activity is today one of the best levers to the understanding of the running of your company and the improvement of its performance in several domains.

Innovative mathematical models (machine learning) are able to guide you with reliability on the strengths and weaknesses of your business, to make predictions on essentials KPI for the governance of your company and to guide you in new markets that after analysis, they appear as obvious. 

Egides has the ambition to initiate a culture of data to allow you to exploit this field and use it to improve the transversality and reduce the inertia inherent in your independants departments.


Do not hesitate to talk with our technical teams to discuss these opportunities!

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