Organizational performance

The reorganization of a company's resources, naturally makes possible to answer to the need to improve the performance of its organization and to reduce risks for its employees (weariness, stress, absenteeism ...).

It should also lead to an overall reduction of the workload through a change in information exchange processes between departments. The sizing of the teams can then be made more reliable after estimating their modified workload.

To reach this goal, the realization of a specific work of analysis of your organization is necessary.

An organizational audit conducted by a third party can identify recurrent failures that can be considered, by weariness, as inherent to your business.

Egides proposes to identify the interactions between your entities to understand the running and dependency relationships that they may have between them (interdependence matrix).

This study generally helps to determine the critical divisions (node ​​or bottleneck), the activities that can be gathered in the same service, the ones that can be outsourced and the information that should be available to streamline the exchanges between your teams.

Schéma d'interdépendance organisationnelle d'une entrepriseSchéma d'interdépendance organisationnelle d'une entreprise

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